Purchase the best trampoline for your money

Trampolines are fun for all ages, and they can be used for a variety of purposes. Some people use them for regular exercise, while others use them for the fun of jumping. They can even have medical purposes such as for use in physical therapy.

There are many types of trampolines available, so it is wise to consider your options prior to a purchase. Size, shape, bounce, and safety are four features to think about.


Small trampolines are used for aerobic exercise, physical therapy, and they are used by children. These trampolines are often placed indoors.

Medium trampolines are backyard versions, usually for older kids, but plenty of adults enjoy them.

Large trampolines are generally used for sporting events or recreational activities. They are the most expensive, have the greatest weight limits, and they provide the most bounce.


Round trampolines are the most commonly purchased for backyard use. The springs are smaller, so they are relatively safer, and they are the least expensive. Companies such as bazoongi trampolines offer a large selection of this type.

Rectangular trampolines are more expensive than round, but they have a larger jumping surface. Families with children in gymnastics often purchase rectangular versions for a longer area to practice. There is a higher weight limit, and people considering trampoline use for multiple people may want a rectangular trampoline.

Octagon-shaped trampolines are similar to round except they allow for higher and more-controlled jumping. They can be easier to secure and enclose, as the user is working with a flat surface.


Bounce is determined by the number and the length of the springs on a trampoline, although there are also elastic band options. Dual-tapered springs are stronger than straight springs.


There are numerous safety features for consideration. Padding over the springs should be made of quality material and heavy versus light foam construction. Enclosures can ensure that nobody falls from the trampoline to the ground. There are even ladders made to help little ones safely get on and off the trampoline. Lastly, maintenance is a consideration, as trampolines can tear, and springs can break. Trampolines are meant to be fun, and safety is the key to long-lasting fun.

Consider your options and read reviews when deciding to purchase a trampoline. The money spent will be put to great use if you pay attention to the features. Make sure the type you pick is best for your family, and most importantly, make sure you use it. Jumping is fun!