Outdoor equipment keeps kids active

An empty yard risks the chance of having bored children. However, there are so many ways to add activities, it is difficult to decide on the best option. This site helps move the decision-making process in the right direction by providing informed, unbiased reviews of outdoor activity equipment.

Whether it is a swing set, a trampoline, or a bounce house, we supply the information you need to make sure your children are safe and entertained, and we make sure that your equipment will withstand time in harsh outdoor elements.

Each product review is performed by an experienced professional and is based on interaction with the product, interviews with product owners, and information provided by site manufacturers. The products are ranked by three categories: quality, cost, and safety.


Quality is measured through the workmanship of the product, which varies. Plastic items may be molded with highly resilient material, or they may weather and crack. Assembly of plastic products may lead to breakage rather than a well-constructed piece of equipment. Wood products should have straight edges and easy-to-understand instructions. Metal product, such as trampolines and swing sets, need to be made of metal that will not bend and break with overuse. Our experts figure out the faults in reviewed products, and they objectively write about them.


The budget for outdoor equipment is always critical in purchasing choice. If buying a one-time-use water feature for the kids, a low-budget, low-quality item will suffice. If it’s going to last all summer, the budget will need to be bigger. Our product reviews allow customers to evaluate the cost versus the worth and justify larger expenses by recognizing value. We realize people want more bang for their buck, and we aim to show how that can be achieved.


The biggest element of choice when purchasing outdoor equipment is child safety. Along with every product review, we assess the safety features and precautions that should be taken with each product’s use. For example, trampolines are inherently a safety risk for children, but our product reviews will explain how to keep your kids safe with pads and enclosures.

Product reviews are a dime a dozen, and there are so many available on the internet that it is difficult to decipher what is fact from fiction. Our product reviewers also review a significant number of reviews from others to ensure that they are leaving no stone unturned. Our reviews are a collaborative effort in giving a well-rounded review, and the end result is full-product disclosure. Your purchase will be a positive experience.

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